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TANO Tracking & Reports on Texas Legislative Session

Authorized agent of the Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations

Richard W. Meyer, Attorney at Law and former TANO Vice-President for Public Policy & Advocacy, informs TANO on governmental, public policy and legislative issues that may arise before legislative, governmental bodies or agencies at the state, federal or local levels. His regular updates on such activities are available at .

84th Legislature – 2015 Regular Session

Past Texas Legislative Sessions

How TANO determines what to monitor

Numerous bills are introduced in every session of the Texas Legislature that directly or indirectly impact nonprofit organizations. TANO applies the following criteria to determine which legislation it monitors:

  • Whether a proposed bill strengthens nonprofit organization viability under Texas law or unduly burdens or threatens their status;
  • Whether the legal liability of nonprofit board members or officers, staff or volunteers is increased;
  • Whether current “charitable immunity” and “good faith” legal protections remain in place;
  • Whether laws governing nonprofits are necessary, understandable and based on reasonable public policy concerns;
  • Whether nonprofit advocacy is protected;
  • Whether ongoing nonprofit organization operations and finances are complicated by new governmental regulations;
  • Whether nonprofit organization disclosure and accountability requirements remain reasonable and balanced.

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