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At TANO, we have a vision that – all Texas Nonprofits:

  • Are engaged in public policy on an individual and statewide level to more effectively serve the people of Texas
  • Work together to be among the healthiest and most vibrant sector in the nation.

TANO seeks to engage our full sector in standing up, speaking out, and being heard in our local communities, within Texas state government, and nationally. The information provided in this section is designed to help.

Many Causes, One Unified Voice

  • The first of a series of public policy and legislative commentaries

Get prepared to engage in public policy and advocacy

  • Access tools to advocate for your organization and our nonprofit sector here.

Get and stay informed about Texas and Federal issues affecting the nonprofit sector

  • Access the up-to-the-minute news you need in one convenient place.

Get involved to make the change happen

  • Here’s how you can get involved and make a difference for your organization and the sector.