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The Impact of Nonprofits in Our Society

“There is a growing consensus among scholars and practitioners that creating and maintaining active citizen involvement through associations and groups of all kinds is an important feature of strong communities. Robert Putnam’s study (1993) of regional governments in Italy popularized the concept of civil society. He found that the strong tradition of civic engagement among a myriad of social and cultural groups was a key factor in producing strong government and economic success. Putnam argues that differences in community networks and norms can make a difference in a community’s ability to thrive. Seen in this context, building the capacity of nonprofit organizations can be viewed as an important strategy for building civil society in local areas.” (DeVita, Carol J. & Cory Fleming, eds., Building Capacity in Nonprofit Organizations. The Urban Institute. 2001)

The nonprofit sector of Texas is large, diverse, and growing.  In every county, you will find nonprofits serving citizens and communities. Much attention is given to the condition of business and government in our state.  Nonprofits, however, fill a critical role as a third and independent sector, working closely with both business and government to keep Texas and Texans strong, but being autonomous of either.
Texas’ nonprofits are strengthening and enhancing the quality of life throughout our state in a wide range of capacities, including within:
  • Arts, culture and humanities
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Animal protection
  • Health
  • Human services
  • Faith based organizations
Charitable nonprofits benefit us in ways that can’t easily be quantified by:
  • Building community,
  • Fostering civil society, and
  • Strengthening our social fabric
Texans have and will continue to place their trust in the responsiveness, performance, and quality of services provided by our nonprofit organizations. TANO is pleased to serve as the statewide association for Texas’ 70,000 + 501 (c)(3) charitable nonprofits – connecting, strengthening and supporting all for the public good.