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TANO recently conducted a nationwide search for an employee benefits partner that could engage nonprofits in reducing the cost drivers of health insurance and take a more innovative approach to plan design and the health status of members. TANO is bringing M Employee Benefits to Texas based on their incredible track record in Maine and New Jersey in providing nonprofits with superior and lower cost health insurance and retirement benefits. Specializing in nonprofits, M Employee Benefits has made its mark in the employee benefits field by combining wellness plans, self-insurance, and other strategies to ensure the best and most affordable employee benefits.

Through this partnership, TANO hopes to help nonprofits navigate the evolving landscape of health care reform.

Among the factors that led to M Employee Benefits’ selection were:

  • M’s 15-year experience serving over 300 large and small 501(c)(3) organizations representing more than 10,000 participants, and including some of the largest mental health, elder service care, and residential and disability care organizations in Maine and New Jersey.
  • M’s strategic innovation and creativity that has helped nonprofits design plans that manage risk and control costs while focusing on long term solutions.
  • M’s enhanced bargaining power with national carriers.
  • And M’s client retention rate of 95% and national carrier recognition as an elite producer based on its level of service, retention and expertise.

Through this partnership, M Employee Benefits will offer a broad range of health insurance plan designs and funding alternatives, including fully insured or partially self-insured medical plans, as well as consumer-driven plans that feature:

  • Health reimbursement and health savings accounts
  • Full-flexible benefit plans
  • Comprehensive wellness plans
  • Short-term and long-term disability coverage
  • Life insurance
  • Dental coverage
  • And vision coverage.