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Giving Program at – 40% discount off banners, signs, magnetic products and more!

The Giving Program at embodies the culture of philanthropy and community support to which our company is wholeheartedly committed. Our goal is to empower the people and organizations dedicated to keeping our communities strong through awarding in-kind gifts in the form on discounts and total donations of our products. Through these awards, we strive to help reduce operating costs and allow for more funding to support the work that these great organizations are meant to do. We work with and support a variety of organizations in our hometown of Austin and across the country in an effort to directly impact the communities our customers live in. Most Popular Custom Products:

  • Banners: Vinyl and Mesh
  • Signs: Foam Core, Corrugated Plastic, Polystyrene, Aluminum, Art Board and Plywood
  • Promotional: Static Clings, Vinyl Decals, and Bumper Stickers
  • Magnetics: Bumper Magnets, Vehicle Magnets
  • Accessories: Banner Stands, Sandwich Boards, Stakes and Frames
  • More Items Available Online!

The Giving Program also offers discounted graphic design services.

All TANO members are eligible to receive an in-kind donation in the form of a 40% discount off our products. Contact TANO at to take advantage of this discount! Visit our website: For more information please contact Dee Silva at or 512-685-6862.