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A TANO Membership Matters!

The Texas nonprofit sector is significant in size and responsibility. Our nonprofit members and their peers make up a major component of the Texas workforce.  Additionally, communities across the state rely on nonprofit organizations to meet the needs of their citizens.  Community needs are growing while responsive resources are more difficult to access. Some eye-opening facts to consider:

  • There are almost 100,000 nonprofitsregistered in the state of Texas. (NCCS)
  • In a recent year, nonprofits in Texas reported more than $93 billion in revenue,and $345 billion in assets, and a total payroll of $16.8 billion. (Johns Hopkins Nonprofit Employment Data Project)
  • Texas ranks number 5 in total giving by state (Total giving: $2,286,522 in 2009). The Foundation Center

TANO’s vision is broad and provides the resources and support necessary for nonprofit organizations to meet the needs of their communities and citizens. Our mission is accomplished through a large variety of benefits and programs, and the generous support of our members.

Together we are stronger than the sum of our parts.

For Member Services please contact 210.906.TANO (8266) or email