Idealware Member Discounts

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TANO Members receive a 15% discount on Idealware seminars.

Enter discount code “NCWD10″ at registration to receive a 15% discount

For general information about Idealware’s online training, visit


Idealware, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, provides candid Consumer-Reports-style reviews and articles about software of interest to nonprofits. Through product comparisons, recommendations, case studies, and software news, Idealware allows nonprofits to make the software decisions that will help them be more effective. Idealware seminars are designed to give nonprofits the advice they need to make smart software decisions. They include all the candid advice and product comparisons of Idealware’s in-depth reports and articles, but offer personalized guidance and extra insights to make sure all participants’ questions are answered. The seminars present up-to-date information and are an affordable, efficient way to help you navigate the many software options available and ensure that the choices you make will meet the needs of your nonprofit’s operations. Attendees only need an internet connection and a phone line to participate.

Visit our Technology Resources page for more information on Idealware.