Business Memberships

A Business Resource Member, with an annual membership of $250, receives:

  • Listing on the TANO Business Directory which includes phone number, contact information, and link to company website.
  • Announcement on TANO electronic ‘newsletter’ of company joining and a short paragraph of the type of products or services offered.
  • Invitation to TANO membership events
  • Opportunity to sponsor an event
  • Receive a discount for booth space at a TANO membership conference, trade show or the like.
  • TANO logo to place on their website
  • Note:
    • The TANO Business Resources program is not exclusive.
    • Event attendance, product and/or service discount provided to TANO members is to be determined by the Business Resource company.
    • TANO to receive a discount when attending a Business Resource company’s event or educational program.

For Member Services please contact 210.906.TANO (8266) or email