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Passionate experts providing consulting, coaching, and mentoring solutions in all areas of nonprofit management, governance and operations.  Specializing in strategic thinking and planning, board engagement, financial management, nonprofit incorporation and obtaining 501 (c)(3) determination.  For more information contact

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any path will take you there.”

Don’t let the Sioux proverb apply to your organization!


TANO’s staff and consultants can assist you with any aspect of board & organizational development.  Our passionate experts integrate years of experience with deep understanding of the challenges and realities of nonprofit organizational life.  Their styles and focus adapt to your needs. Our Strategic Thinking Leadership Gatherings are designed to be transformative experiences – educating and motivating the organization’s volunteer and staff leadership to identify what they wish to achieve and then offering the learning of techniques to achieve that future.  Our Leadership Gatherings focus on assisting an organization to be as effective as it can be by:
  • Strengthening its board development
  • Integrating strategic thinking and Board policy and decision-making processes;
  • Identifying the key issues that need to be addressed;
  • Developing an action plan to seriously address those challenges and opportunities.

Consultant Services Include:

  • Review of appropriate organizational documents prior to the leadership gathering to familiarize consultant with organization’s structure and functioning;
  • Design, conduct, compile and analyze a survey of the organization’s leadership prior to the gathering – integrating resulting information within gathering experience;
  • Design the Board experience to optimize the agreed upon desired outcomes based on conversations between the consultant and organizational leadership;
  • Lead an interactive presentation on how effective nonprofits operate and the roles, responsibilities and expectations of Boards of Directors;
  • Design and lead a strategic thinking and visioning exercise that will lead to an action plan with specific follow up assignments;
  • Facilitate the leadership gathering to ensure desired outcomes achieved.

While each Strategic Thinking Leadership Gathering is customized to reflect your organizational and challenges, a Gathering might include, but not be limited to:

  • Getting Perspective
    • Group Expectations;
    • Ground Rules to guide organizational discussion, policy-setting & decision-making;
    • Overview of the Nonprofit Sector of Texas and in general;
    • Defining a nonprofit as compared to for-profit
    • Characteristics of Nonprofits;
    • Private Inurement & Conflict of Interest;
    • Leadership;
    • Sarbanes Oxley.
  • Strategic Thinking
    • Identifying & achieving effective nonprofits;
    • Core elements of a nonprofit infrastructure;
    • Identifying & achieving Organizational Capacity;
    • Identifying & achieving Financially Healthy organization;
    • ABCD Model of Strategic Thinking.
  • Nonprofit Governance
    • Fundamental principles of nonprofit functioning & structuring;
    • Identifying stakeholders;
    • Board members’ legal duties;
    • Board of directors Roles & responsibilities;
    • Officer roles & responsibilities;
    • Elements of well-functioning nonprofit boards;
    • Staff role & staff-board inter-relationships;
    • Role of Governance Committees;
    • Board recruitment, motivation and retention;
    • Board role and responsibility vis a vis resource development.
  • Analyses of Survey Responses & Insights Gleaned from Review of Organizational Materials
  • Creating the Organization’s Future
    • Imagining your nonprofit’s credible future;
    • Visioning Services for your organization’s future & identifying/ assigning initial tasks & responsibilities;
    • Creating your nonprofit’s credible future;
    • Development of a preliminary action plan to move forward on actions and processes the Board has agreed upon during our time together;
    • Agreement by Board on Its Next Steps to ensure Momentum and Follow Through.
To request a proposal or more information, contact TANO at or (713)821-1744.