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TANO is excited to be leading Texas Nonprofits in 2018

April 27, 2018

  We will be making additions and improvements to our website and member services this year and look forward to continued improvement of our service to the community.  Thank you for your patience in this transition process, if you can not find a particular page that you have used in the past, please call 210-906-8266 for assistance…. Read More ›

Grants Available from TCDD

The Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities (TCDD) works to create change so that people with developmental disabilities (DD) can be independent, productive, and fully integrated into their communities. Each year, TCDD funds approximately 25 grants across the state in areas such as education, employment, transportation, leadership and advocacy, asset building, cultural competency, and long-term services… Read More ›

Member Spotlight: Glenn Towery, Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel

Upon returning home from military deployment, transitioning back to civilian life can be in a word: grueling. Though veterans are entitled to benefits through the Department of Veteran Affairs (such as assistance for education, housing and medical), treatment can be harder to detect for challenges such as PTSD and emotional trauma. These challenges, along with other real… Read More ›

New Overtime Rule For Nonprofits

Don’t forget: The new overtime rule becomes effective December 1, 2016.    What is the overtime rule?: Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employers are not required to pay “exempt” employees (white collar/salaried) overtime.   Currently, how much can an exempt employee make, and not be paid overtime?:  $433 per week ($22,516 annually).  … Read More ›

Austin/Round Rock Nonprofits- Exclusive Donation Partnership Opportunity

Good 360 has a new local pickup program with home goods retailer Tuesday Morning. There are 6 stores available for partnership in the Austin area (1 being in Round Rock, TX). As a partner you will make regular pickups of donated goods from the store. Donations will consist of a wide variety of items such as home goods like linens… Read More ›

It’s Oscars Season! Does your organization have its award winning film?

Michael Mason, founder of Perfect Chaos Films and proud supporter of film, philanthropy, Texas nonprofits, and the confluence of these areas, sat down with TANO to give his perspective on just how important a film can be to elevating the mission of your organization. From creating a piece that follows a story arc, to humanizing the… Read More ›

It’s Election Season…Think Before You Speak

The following article is written by Bree G. Vopelak. Bree Vopelak assists tax-exempt organizations with initial start-up legal planning strategies and with applying for recognition of tax-exempt status. In addition, Bree helps clients address day-to-day tax compliance issues involving employment taxes, charitable contribution substantiation, the unrelated business income tax, the rebuttable presumption of reasonableness for… Read More ›

Test Content Restriction

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In Light of Recent Events… A Time for Reflection

When one nonprofit is in the news, it affects us all. In light of the recent coverage surrounding the Wounded Warrior Project, it is important for all nonprofits to deepen our commitment to accountability and transparency. We commend to you this blog post, “Earning the Public’s Trust – Every Day: Lessons from Wounded Warrior Project’s… Read More ›

Business Member Spotlight: The IT Guys

Happy New Year, Texas! 2016 is going to be an epic year for your organization, your socially conscious business, and the nonprofit/social sector as a whole! How do we know? Because our New Year’s resolution is for TANO to be even more active in empowering the mission and activities of our members and their affiliates – this… Read More ›

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