Working for a nonprofit organization is one of the most selfless, socially conscious choices you will ever make. The time, dedication, and sacrifices made to successfully lead a nonprofit do not go unnoticed. But just like any business, there are risks that can threaten the revenue, reputation, and existence of your nonprofit organization.
Berkley Select, a Berkley Company and leading provider of professional and executive liability insurance, introduces NonProfit ExecShield® – a flexible, custom liability policy designed to protect your nonprofit’s individual directors, officers, employees, and assets from expenses arising from allegations of wrongful acts
What is at Risk?
Nonprofit Status: Inconsistencies in tax filings or allegations of mismanagement of donor funds can lead to the loss of tax exempt status.
Board Members: The ability to attract and maintain qualified board members may depend on the quality of the insurance protection. Budgets: Lawsuits can subject your nonprofit and its directors and officers to costly defense expenses as well as settlements. Reputation: Negative publicity brought about by investigations can lead to a compromised reputation.
What does ExecShield® cover?
Directors and officers liability: Protects the leaders and the organization from allegations of failing to act in the best interest of the organization.
Employment practices liability: Protects the leaders and the organization from employee, volunteer, or client related claims of discrimination, harassment or retaliation type allegations.
Fiduciary liability: Protects the benefit plan administrator(s) from allegations of negligence in administering the plans as well as allegations of breaches of duties imposed by ERISA.
The Berkley Select Way
24/7 access to a free risk management attorney-staffed helpline and online portal
Dedicated in-house claims team and world-class legal representation
Local, experienced agent to handle all policy inquiries and changes
A+ rated financial stability provides the highest level of protection, guaranteed
Flexible, custom coverage options allow you to adjust your policy to your business needs

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