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Advocacy & Public Policy 
TANO advocates for issues that affect all nonprofits. We track state and federal legislation, educating nonprofits about policy developments, and mobilizing members and other nonprofits around critical policy issues.


p style=”text-align: left;”>Research & Information/Referral
TANO is an information resource for and about nonprofits. We answer frequently asked questions about nonprofit leadership and management and provide links to sector resources such as key websites and publications. We also conduct research on the size and scope of the sector and provide vital information on other topics, such as nonprofit employment. Our Profile of the Texas Nonprofit Sector is such a resource.


p style=”text-align: left;”>Products & Services
By capitalizing on the aggregate buying power of our membership, TANO negotiates lower prices on many office and operating products. These discounts are passed on to our members. We either currently provide or are in the process of negotiating arrangements to provide discounts on services, including health and directors & officer’s liability insurance, office products, publications, and more.

Leadership & Convening
TANO strives to create a learning community of nonprofit professionals. We offer conferences, seminars, and electronic forums and listservs which enable members to share information, learn from one another, and expand their networks. We perceive and work daily toward making TANO the gathering place for all nonprofits within the State of Texas.  Our concern and focus is on every nonprofit entity, regardless of size, budget, urban or rural location; whether a TANO member or not.  Our vision is to connect, strengthen, and support all who wish to be part of the Texas nonprofit community.

TANO produces a variety of publications, in collaboration with our members and other entities, for and about the nonprofit sector and catalog a host of information on our website.  See our Online Library, Risk Management, and other sections.  TANO is one of the national satellite offices of the Nonprofit Risk Management Center in Washington, DC