Anatomy of a Website Redesign

Understanding and preparing for the process of website redesign can save you and your org time, money and maybe even a few headaches along the way.
Sign up now for our course Anatomy of a Website Redesign, led by Mark Root-Wiley, a web designer for nonprofits and mission-driven organizations. You’ll get readings and a presentation focused on identifying and communicating your organization’s needs before diving into the redesign, and course homework will directly apply to design a new site or improving an existing one. 
In this course, you will learn how to:
Identify the essential info you’ll need to give your site developer
Learn the roles in a website redesign, and how to best communicate and collaborate with them 
Translate your mission, programming, and stakeholder needs into your site plans

Date: Course access begins on February 8

Location: Online

Cost: Members $125/Non-members $250


Get ready to rock your redesign—save your seat today!