Power by Association: A Smart Approach to Energy Procurement



TANO has partnered with Power Brokers to aid our members in effectively managing and reducing energy costs through electric load aggregation*. Power by Association is a personalized energy aggregation buying program designed specifically for TANO members in deregulated markets*. Aggregation Members can save thousands by banding together to obtain savings far beyond what they could achieve on their own.  As a result, aggregation is the most popular option for small and mid-size businesses seeking greater control of their electricity costs.  TANO is pleased to offer this benefit to our Members and encourage you to call Tom Kinser of Power Brokers at 469-533-7610 or email tkinser@powerbrokersusa.com.

*Aggregation.  The purchasing of electricity through aggregation involves the massing together or clustering of independent but similar electric loads.  Perhaps the most common form of aggregation is a group health insurance policy vs. an individual health insurance policy.  As an aggregated group, there is more leverage to negotiate a lower electricity price and energy supply savings are enhanced by volume buying.

*Deregulated Markets.  The State of Texas deregulated the electricity markets beginning January 2002.  However, there are pockets in the state that opted not to deregulate.  If you live or work in one of these areas you may not have the option to change your provider for a lower rate.  Please contact Power Brokers to find out your eligibility.

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