In Light of Recent Events… A Time for Reflection


When one nonprofit is in the news, it affects us all. In light of the recent coverage surrounding the Wounded Warrior Project, it is important for all nonprofits to deepen our commitment to accountability and transparency. We commend to you this blog post, “Earning the Public’s Trust – Every Day: Lessons from Wounded Warrior Project’s Recent Actions,” from Tim Delaney of the National Council of Nonprofits (of which you are a member through your membership with us at Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations) that reminds us all of how vital our work is, and the importance of always earning the public’s trust in the nonprofit community. After you read the article, here are a few follow-up activities your nonprofit can take.

  • Dedicate time at your next staff meeting and your next board meeting to focus on your mission and who you serve. Remind everyone that the nonprofit’s work is for the public’s benefit – and talk about how your organization’s activities reinforce this commitment to mission and to the people and communities your nonprofit serves.
  • Then have a conversation about your internal policies and processes. Remind everyone that policies are in place for a reason – and that what the public sees (or can’t find) on your website and on the Form 990 can inform their impression of the effectiveness and ethical nature of your work.
  • Ensure your organization is taking full advantage of being part of Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations and, by extension, our nation-wide network through the National Council of Nonprofits. You have access to a wide range of information, sample policies, trainings, peer learning, discounts on important services, such as GrantStation and our Texas Nonprofit Compensation Report to help your organization govern itself prudently and effectively.

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