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TANO is proud to be bringing in the new year with three prestigious nonprofits (and TANO Members) – Lifeworks, WAL, and Survive2Thrive. This unique event would not be possible without community leader, convener, and All Things Positive Founder Carlos Platero.

We caught up with Carlos between one of his many activities throughout the Central Texas sector to get his thoughts on the event, how All Things Positive has grown from a thought to a movement, and where he sees the future for multi-sectorial collaboration.  Be sure to buy your tickets for the New Years Event at the Hotel W – and TANO Members receive discounted tickets – Find out after reading our interview!

TANO: How did All Things Positive come about? Where did the idea originate?
CARLOS PLATERO: It originated from my positive attitude mostly. Regardless, I have been a fighter all the way through, and I’ve always been a passionate for things I believe in and all things positive.

I started the #AllThingsPositive hash tag, through a recommendation of a dear friend of mine. He mentioned to me: “Carlos you are always saying ‘All Things Positive,’ why don’t you actually hashtag that when you post on social media?” So I started to incorporate it into my social media conversation, though it took me a while to understand its effect. To this day, I am not sure if I’m still using it correctly. …. #AllThingsPositive.

TANO: We are ecstatic to partner with All Things Positive for the inaugural #ATP New Year’s Event at the W Hotel in Austin, TX. The benefit looks unique on many levels.  What sets it apart?
CARLOS PLATERO: What sets All Things Positive apart is that it’s an event giving back to the community. It is a positive awareness of those involved, benefiting those partnered but as well the event has a self-awareness of the impact it’s creating.

The event is about love, it’s about being with other positive people, and it’s about coming together for a positive cause. This is the beginning of something larger than us because it doesn’t exclude any class, culture, or community.

It starts with one person, one event, one nonprofit and simply with one dollar.

TANO: What can attendees expect from this event?

CARLOS PLATERO: Those attending will experience a fun-loving , festive evening. Music, entertainment, food, drinks and lots of glam. This is the best way they can be part of a grand and positive social event. We are celebrating all things positive. Check out the site to learn more about the festivities and get tickets!

TANO: What drew TANO to the event is the idea of our members getting support from a diverse cross section of the Texas community through this event. How will these nonprofits (Lifeworks, WAL, and Survive2Thrive) benefit from All Things Positive’s NYE Party? Why did these organizations get chosen?
CARLOS PLATERO: The organizations chosen will directly benefit from this event; 50% of the profit proceeds will be divided equally and donated.

The ATP review committee is conducting an in depth review of nonprofit in Austin, and are making innovative strides to change the face of domestic violence and homelessness. ATP will continue to move forward in preselecting and reviewing new nonprofits to give back in future events.

TANO: Will you be doing more events of this type in 2016?
CARLOS PLATERO: Yes! All Things Positive will proceed with more events in 2016 and hopefully for many years to come. I am always here to bring awareness for those that need it. We are facilitators and will continue to bring awareness in a positive light, positive way, through positive thoughts and positive actions.



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TANO: What is the best way to support All Things Positive?
CARLOS PLATERO: The best way to support all things positive is simply being a positive person by supporting our events There is no membership cost (besides the event) to being part of this movement. Just being present at an event and being aware of the positive nonprofits benefiting from it, makes this a movement that will last for years to come!

TANO: Tell us a little about yourself and your passion for community service
CARLOS PLATERO: I have personal passions and have career passions, and if I’m lucky, they come together. I have learned through my successes and challenges to always continue to move forward through it all. There will always be negativity around you, but staying positive is the key to success.

Negativity should NEVER keep you from doing what’s right!

TANO: What are some of your accomplishments in the community service arena you are particularly proud of?
CARLOS PLATERO: This is a very interesting question. I am most proud of projects that have come to life when I myself doubted them. That happens to all of us. But I am most proud of those donations, acquisitions or simple community projects that I have been involved with, which were able to make a change and beutify the organization or those involved.

TANO: Since you started All Things Positive as a message and a creative collective, how have you seen the theme grow and evolve?
CARLOS PLATERO: All Things Positive, like most successful things in our current culture, takes on a life of its own. It started a following on social media and I like to think it’s a physical following with people using it in their everyday lives. All Things Positive has been a great introduction to many people’s homes. My focus has always been to bring the awareness of positive thinking to every individual. I remember the first time I heard someone use “all Things positive” in a statement and truly mean it.  It was life changing for me.

TANO: Is there anything else we need to know about Carlos Platero, ATP, or other projects/endeavors you are involved with?
CARLOS PLATERO: I want to thank you for helping me get my message out. I am humbled to have been able to share my story. As for entrepreneurship avenues, I will be giving my full attention to my on-air career in media, and to the All Things Positive collective. As with all my endeavors, the sky is the limit!

TANO would like to thank Carlos and his team at All Things Positive. Click the image below to purchase tickets (TANO members can receive discounted tickets by emailing with the subject All Things Positive). We hope to bring in the New Year with you at the Hotel W!

Join TANO now and receive a chance to win a free ticket to All Things Positive New Year’s Eve Party! Ring in 2016 with colleagues, positive people and of course: with style!

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