October Member Spotlight: The Gault School of Archaeological Research

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The GSAR works throughout the world on archaeological sites that may help us understand the earliest peoples in the Americas. The Gault Site, our namesake and home here in Central Texas, has long been one of our most visible projects. This summer we completed our major excavations at the site after six years and with the help of more than 2,000 volunteers. These excavations have resulted in 65% of all materials excavated from the earliest named culture in the Americas  (Clovis – found from Canada to Venezuela), one of only 14 known mammoth kill sites in the Americas,71207_02 the oldest dated art in the Americas, the oldest known house in North America and significant deposits of artifacts that pre-date Clovis (ca. 15,000 years ago). This would not have been possible without local donations and the tireless efforts of the volunteers.

As a small non-profit we joined TANO to get the benefit of a collective organization’s buying/bargaining power. In addition we have long utilized services such as accounting that help us stretch our resources.

The Gault School of Archaeological Research was organized to:

  • hold maintain & protect property in Bell and Williamson Counties in Texas on which the Gault Archaeological Site is located.
  • conduct further scientific research on the Gault Site.
  • foster, develop, research, promote, maintain and encourage the education of the public about the Gault Site, its environment, and the prehistory of the site, region and beyond.
  • foster, promote and conduct broader archaeological research of the earliest peoples in the western hemisphere and their cultural antecedents.
  • develop and disseminate materials and research related to the above themes.
  • foster collaboration with individuals and organizations with common interests.

This mission will be accomplished through:DSC_8383

  • field schools and fieldwork
  • programs in archaeological and outdoor education for students and the public
  • the establishment of both an on-site museum and traveling exhibits
  • a scholar-in-residence program and lecture series
  • publications and presentations of information by Gault staff researchers and associates